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Improve Your Business With Storefront Glass

Retail stores fall in two categories: those that are easy to miss and those that attract customers. Which category does your business fall into? Shops with an eye-catching design generally fall into the latter.
One of the most useful things a company can do to improve their appeal is to add storefront windows. Learn just some of the benefits that storefront glass offers businesses. 
Enticing Preview
Large retail chains are often synonymous with a specific style or type of product. With small businesses, this level of familiarity has typically not been established yet. The average person walking by needs a cue to learn what a business offers.
When you line the front of your location with storefront windows, you provide potential customers the enticing preview they need to come inside. A person may be walking past your store without any intent to shop, but the unique window display can catch someone’s eye and entice them to make a purchase.
Even when that interaction doesn't turn into a transaction, you've established your business in the mind of a potential new customer.  
Reduced Advertising Costs
A storefront window can help lower the cost of your advertising campaigns. When people can't see inside, you must rely on television ads, billboards, and other marketing forms to let the public know what type of products you offer.
For a small business with a limited budget, these advertising methods can be costly and time-consuming when it comes to the careful planning that must go into an effective campaign.
Instead, use a storefront window is your advertisement. Given its large display area, you have a blank canvas that you can design to showcase your brand. For businesses with a street facing location, the storefront window is an excellent advertising aid.  
Enhanced Security
Customers shop with the intent to make a purchase, not to have their purchases taken away from them. When customers don't feel secure in a store, they may be less likely to return or to tell others to visit your location. One critical element that can make people more secure is an open and bright layout.
A retail location with small or no windows won't be able to offer this type of design, whereas a location with large storefront windows gives customers a clear view outside and those outside a clear picture inside, which could make people feel more secure while shopping.
To further boost the security of your location, install protective window film over the glass. Window film is applied to the interior and exterior side of the glass, which will make it harder for someone to shatter the glass and gain access to the building after hours. 
Lower Energy Cost
The cost to light a building can be exorbitant. Lighting and heating costs contribute to half of the average businesses monthly electrical usage and cost; any savings in this area is welcomed. A storefront window installation can offer savings.
Large windows let in a large amount of light. The more light from the outside, the less dependent you have to be on your electrical fixtures.
You can also save on energy costs. To minimize heat transfer into the building, install window tint over the glass. The tint will still allow an ample amount of light to travel through the window but can lower the heat transfer rate and keep the temperature inside the building better regulated. 
As a business owner, you understand that improvements to your operation only work towards improving your overall business. Don't underestimate the effect a storefront window can offer your company. To learn about additional benefits of storefront windows or for any of your installation questions, contact us at AMI Glass.