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How to Protect Your Windshield When You're Not Behind the Wheel

Car Windshield With Woman Driving Inside

​While many types of windshield damage may occur when your vehicle is in motion, your car is susceptible to a compromised windshield when you aren't behind the wheel as well. In fact, your windshield can get chipped or cracked while your car is parked.
Read on to learn how you can protect your windshield at all times, whether you are behind the wheel or not. You will also learn more about the types of windshield damage your car can get and how to treat even minor window chips.

How Your Windshield Gets Cracked While Stationary

Your windshield is very durable — some windshields are even stronger than steel — but your car’s main window is not unbreakable. The following are common causes of windshield damage that occur while the car is stationary.
Direct sunlight beating down on your windshield compromises the structure of the glass. High temperatures will cause stress fractures in your windshield and other car windows. Park your car in a shaded area, like a garage, especially during the hottest parts of the day.
You can also invest in a windshield cover designed to not just protect your car's window glass but to keep the interior of your vehicle cool.
Keep in mind that cooler temperatures can cause your windshield to crack as well. Glass naturally expands and retracts at varying temperatures and a floater crack can happen if your car is left out in very cold temperatures. This is one more reason to park your car in a garage or covered carport when it’s not in use.
Parking in the shade under a tree can prove to be disastrous. A slight wind can cause a breaking branch to strike your car, damaging your windshield as a result. If you’re looking for shade for your car, then consider covering your vehicle with a car cover that’s custom-fit to protect your vehicle when parked out in the open.
Kids at play can accidentally hit your car with a ball, bat, or another toy, especially if you park your car on the side of the street or on your driveway.
To make your car less prone to accidental damage by children, consider investing in a carport on the side of your home to store your vehicle in when not in use. Covering your car with a durable cover will also help protect your vehicle against accidental damage.

Types of Windshield Damage

There are many ways your windshield can get damaged, whether you are actively driving your windshield or not. If you notice any of the following fractures on your car's windshield, then call your windshield repair specialist right away.
Stress Fracture
A stress fracture is a thin crack that appears anywhere on your windshield where a sudden impact by a rock or other debris has been made.
A chip is a small pit or visual flaw in your window's glass that may or may not accompany a crack. A chip will spread into a crack if not treated and is often caused by rocks or other hard objects.
Edge Crack
An edge crack occurs on the outer section of your windshield, often out of your line of vision. This crack will spread without care and is the most common type of crack that leads to windshield replacement.
Your windshield repair and replacement specialist will inspect your car's entire windshield to determine what type of damage your car has sustained and will make repairs or a full windshield replacement if necessary. Take your car in for a windshield inspection if you suspect even a small chip in your window. Our team of auto window experts at AMI Auto Glass will ensure your vehicle's windshield is safe for operation.