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Hiring an Auto Glass Repair Company

Auto Glass Repair
Auto glass repair or replacement is not something you plan on needing. A rock may have hit and chipped your windshield or a car crash may have shattered your rear window. When you need auto glass repair or replacement, you likely need it done quickly, which may leave you scrambling to hire a company. 
As you look for an auto glass repair company, you should get estimates from various companies, make sure each company is licensed and insured, and remember to read online reviews about the company. This guide lists three of the lesser known factors that you should take into account as you hire an auto glass repair company. 

Are Insurance Repairs Accepted?

One of the questions that you will want to ask an auto glass repair company is whether they handle insurance repairs. Some auto glass companies will bill your insurance company for your auto glass repair, only charging you for some of the repair costs. Other auto glass companies do not deal with insurance companies at all. They require you to pay the full amount of the repair. 
If your insurance covers auto glass replacement or offers a discount on the repairs, then finding a company that works with your insurance company helps minimize your auto glass repair and replacement costs. In addition, using a company that works with your insurance helps you utilize the insurance coverage you pay for. 

Where Will the Repairs Be Made?

The second question to ask when you need to hire an auto glass repair company is where the repairs will take place. Some auto glass repair companies offer mobile repair and replacement services.
A company that offers mobile repair and replacement services will come to you. In fact, they may be able to do the repair at your home or job. This service allows you to get the repairs done at a time and place that is convenient for you. However, keep in mind that if it rains, then you may be required to provide the technician with a garage or covered area to work in. 
Other companies require you to bring your car into their shop to get your windshield glass repaired or replaced. If this is your only option, then you may have to sit and wait until the repair is made or have someone pick you up and then drop you back off again. However, some repair shops do offer shuttles or rental cars, allowing you to go about your day if you have to bring your car in.
Always ask where the repairs will be made and what transportation options are available to you to help minimize any disruptions to your day. 

Is OEM or Aftermarket Glass Used?

Another important factor to consider as you hire an auto glass repair company is whether original equipment manufacturer, OEM, or aftermarket glass is used when replacing a window or windshield. 
The OEM glass comes directly from the manufacturer of your car. This glass is designed to fit perfectly in your car and function in the way the manufacturer intended it to. Using OEM glass also helps you to maintain the value of your car. Lastly, if your car is under warranty, you may be required to use OEM parts, including glass, to ensure your warranty is not voided.
Aftermarket glass tends to be cheaper. Aftermarket glass is also a good option for older cars, whose original glass may no longer be in production. 
Always decide whether OEM or aftermarket glass is the best option for your car and then ask a repair company which option they use when replacing glass in your car. 
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