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4 Signs You Should Replace Your Glass Patio Door

Patio Door
If your home has an old glass patio door and you cannot remember when it was installed, you may wonder if it is time for a new one. Consider the following signs as you decide if you should replace your old glass patio door with a new one.

1.  Lets Drafts Into Your Home

When you have a patio door with a large window pane, the glass can lose a lot of energy. This happens especially when you have an older door with only one pane of glass.
As time passes, gaps and cracks in and around the door allow even more hot and cold air to be transferred between your home's interior and the outdoors. You may start feeling cold drafts in the wintertime or hot air leak in during the summer months.
When you replace your patio door, you can have your new one customized so that it fits securely inside the frame. Also, you can request triple-pane windows that contain gas between the panes of glass. This type of window will better insulate the door, and this increased insulation will help stop the drafts and save you money on your energy bill.

2.  Allows You to Hear Every Noise Outside

Your old single-pane patio door doesn’t just let drafts into your home. Especially if you live in a noisy neighborhood, the door allows you to hear every sound outside. 
Because old glass patio doors do not have the insulation that you find in newer doors, the old doors have very little soundproofing. However, if you have a triple-paned glass door installed, the same gases that block drafts also help muffle any exterior noises.

3.  Becomes Difficult to Open and Close

Along with draft and noise problems caused by the old glass, you may have found that your old door is increasingly more difficult to operate. The door may jam at certain spots whenever you try to open or close it. Or you may have to push it hard against the frame to lock it into place.
This difficulty opening and closing your door could be caused by a couple of different factors. The track may be bent or so worn out that it has become misaligned. The misalignment could also be the result of your home settling, which can change the shape of the frame around the door.
Also, the door itself may have become warped after constant exposure to moisture, temperature changes, and use. When you replace the door with a fully functional one, ask your contractor about having it made from more durable materials that can hold up better over time.

4.  Shows Signs of Wear

One last reason that you should replace your patio door is that it shows signs of age. After years of constant use and abuse, the door may have cracks, dents, and chips on the surface. 
Even if you paint over the imperfections in the door, eventually the damage will show through. This damage not only affects the aesthetics of the door but also causes other problems, such as the drafts, noise, and operation difficulty previously discussed.
When you replace the door with a newer one, ask about the various materials available. You can opt to have the door constructed from a more durable material so that it will last longer without sustaining too much damage. 
When your old glass patio door is no longer functioning as it should, replace it with a new one. Contact us at AMI Glass so we can talk with you about your options for installing a new custom patio door that will fit your needs.